Tugay Adem Kader

As we sat down together to talk about what we would like to address in this performance in terms of the construct of power many ideas came up. The idea of power resonated within us in different thought patterns. For me first thing that came to my mind was the power that we have within us that gives us the energy we need and have, moreover the way it interacts within our social life. After many more ideas and sketches we landed on the idea of the “neanderthals”. These species or subspecies of archaic humans who lived in Eurasia are though to live many years before us. Using them as our content we decided to create texts and sketches addressing power constructs such as the scene with Natsumi and Safae. Natsumi is performing as a neanderthals and Safae as a trainer. This strong scene metaphorically showed us the way people are being treated as if they are “dogs”. The Oreo in the performance represented capitalism, materialism and the never ending desires for emotional needs by making Natsumi chase for it. In the world we can see this in the advertisements we are forcefully shown such as ads on the internet, billboards and media. Which are telling us to buy more and more. In the scene, all though Safae tried multiple times Natsumi refused to chase for it showing that people are awakening and not everyone has these constructed wants. Next, Georgias performance were a “elite” artists drags a neanderthals across the stage and presents him as someone unworthy and lower class to herself while making fun of his appearance. This relates to many social obstacles we have in our daily lives from rich to poor (financial) , “good” appearance to “bad” or even within different cultures. At the same time we have shown the stereotype some artists are receiving, that being an artist makes them egoistic and extra. Coming to my scene, we touched firstly on the political side of deforestation caused by the immersive amount of logging. Using Natsumi’s text, she confront me as a human and questions my action regarding cutting down trees. On the other hand, my text is more imaginary since its about neanderthals that have progressed above us and has become one with the nature where they can communicate and live together. This part of the performance touches on the political field with the logger and the artistic side with my text. As a conclusion, with the scenes I talked about and our final whole performance we have related many of our ideas on the world we are living and the world we could have been living in. At the same time using our research on the neanderthals with our body language and creating a more “abstract” performance which touched on topics that we are interested in showing our viewers, to create questions on the world.